RRFW Working Draft: Messaging subsystem

Status: pending implementation. Date: Jun 30 2004. Last revised:


Due to the modular and flexible architecture of RRFW, nothing prevents us from having the possibility of user messages displayed in RRFW pages. This design document describes the concept of this functionality.


The messaging subsystem will allow the RRFW users to leave comments and short messages directly at the RRFW pages. Those may be remarks about the graph contents, troubleshooting journal, etc.

Each user is uniquely identified by RRFW ACL susbsystem. We introduce several new attributes and privileges for messaging functionality. Privilege objects are the tree names.



The acledit program will have two additional options that simplify administration: --msguser will grant all privileges except DeleteMessages and EditMessages, and --msgadmin will grant all messaging privileges.

The messaging options database will contain parameters that each user can tune for himself or herself:

Each message will have the status of Read/Unread per each user in the system.

On the tree chooser page in RRFW Web interface, the user will be shown the unread messages.

RRS 2.0 feed will be provided for messages export and for integration with other messaging systems.


Copyright (c) 2004 Stanislav Sinyagin <ssinyagin@k-open.com>