RRFW Working Draft: Service uptime monitoring and reporting

Status: in pre-design phase. Date: Sep 26 2003; Last revised:


It is often required to monitor the service level in networks. Service level is normally covered by Service Level Agreement (SLA), which defines the following parameters:

Event datasource type

In order to store the service level information, we need a new datasource type in RRFW: event. It represents an atomic information about a single event in time, e.g. it canot be devided into more specific elements or sub-events. Its attributes are as follows:

Events are uniquely identified by (Event group, Event name, Start time) triple.

Event summary reports

Renderer should be able to display the events at different summary levels and in different combinations. Event reports should be specified by expressions, as follows:

Events generation

Events may be generated by the following sources:


Copyright (c) 2003 Stanislav Sinyagin <ssinyagin@k-open.com>